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{{ :{{{1}}} | Safe_get/Get }}

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Gets a data property from a block, performing some safety checks.

{{Safe get|blockname|fieldname}}
Parameter Function Default value
Parameter 1 (blockname) The name of the block to look up data from. The exact name is best (such as "Redstone (Wire)", but redirects like "Redstone Wire" will work too. Required value, no default.
Parameter 2 (fieldname) The field to lookup. For instance, "tntres", "tool", "hardness", etc. Required value, no default.

Internally, this template transcludes the block page itself, passing a getter function (specifically, "Get {{{2}}}") as the first parameter. For "includable" block pages, this will result in the proper value being returned. But if the block page doesn't have properly set-up <onlyinclude></onlyinclude> guards, or it isn't actually a block page, this could result in transcluding the whole thing! This template checks the string length of the result and returns an error message to protect against this.

See Template:Block for a more thorough explanation of the general scheme.

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