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Predefinição:Compartimento de inventário/General GUI

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This template is used to create a grid that looks similar to the Furnace's GUI screen. However, the arrow and flame images can be replaced with others, making it useful for mods such as Industrial Craft, which use GUIs similar to that of the furnace but with different images.

Usage[editar código-fonte]

Definition[editar código-fonte]

|lng        = Language (e.g. /es)
|Mod        = Mod name
|Input      = Normal input
|MInput     = Mod input
|IA         = Input number
|Output     = Normal output
|MOutput    = Mod output
|OA         = Output number
|Fuel       = Normal fuel
|MFuel      = Mod fuel
|FA         = Fuel number
|FuelBar    = Image between input and fuel
|MFuelBar   = Mod fuel bar
|ChargeBar  = Image between input and output
|MChargeBar = Mod charge bar

Without Fuel and Charge Bar Images[editar código-fonte]

If the FuelBar, MFuelBar, ChargeBar, and MChargeBar fields are empty, the template acts just as the furnace template would.

{{Grid/General GUI
|Input=  Sand        |IA= 17
|Output= Glass       |OA= 2
|Fuel=   Coal (Item) |FA= 3
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid Areia.png
Grid layout Arrow (large).png
Grid layout None (large).pngGrid Vidro.png
Grid layout Fire.png
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid Carvão.png

The IA, OA and FA fields accept 2-99. Using any number lower or leaving it blank will show nothing, using 100 to 109 will only show the last two digits (although this can be utilized to output 01 instead of just 1, for example), using anything higher will only show the last digit.

See the image list below for all usable image names.

To make the grid animate, you make a list of blocks and objects you want to show, separated by commas.

{{Grid/General GUI
|Input=  Sand,Wood            |IA= 17,10
|Output= Glass,Charcoal (Item)|OA= 2,10
|Fuel=   Coal (Item)          |FA= 3
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid Areia.pngGrid Madeira de Carvalho.png

Grid layout Arrow (large).png
Grid layout None (large).pngGrid Vidro.pngGrid Carvão Vegetal.png
Grid layout Fire.png
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid Carvão.png

If you are using mod images, you can specify the wiki page to your mod with the Mod parameter. All parameters (Input, Output, Fuel, ChargeBar, FuelBar) that are modded items have an M in front of them, and any normal Minecraft items stay the same, this allows you to use normal Minecraft items and link to their correct pages.

When uploading mod images, they must have the mod page name in brackets at the end. For example Road (FancyPack).

{{Grid/General GUI
|Mod= FancyPack
|Input=   Gravel      |IA= 64
|MOutput= Road        |OA= 2
|Fuel=    Coal (Item) |FA= 5
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid Cascalho.png
Grid layout Arrow (large).png
Grid layout None (large).pngGrid Road (FancyPack).png
Grid layout Fire.png
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid Carvão.png

Note the links of the Road, Gravel and Coal.

Note: You cannot animate between mod and regular images.

Charge Bar and Fuel Bar Parameters[editar código-fonte]

You can also change the 'fire' and 'arrow' images on the furnace GUI to anything that you want by changing the MChargeBar and MFuelBar parameters. (Currently in vanilla minecraft there is no GUI other than the furnace that would use this template, so there is no need to change the ChargeBar and FuelBar parameters.)

{{Grid/General GUI
|Mod= IndustrialCraft
|MInput= Hydrated Coal Dust          |IA= 12
|MOutput= Compressed hyd Coalclump   |OA= 4
|MFuel= RE Battery (Charged)         |FA= 1
|MFuelBar= electricity
|MChargeBar= compressorcharge
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid Hydrated Coal Dust (IndustrialCraft).png
Grid layout compressorcharge (IndustrialCraft).png
Grid layout None (large).pngGrid Compressed hyd Coalclump (IndustrialCraft).png
Grid layout electricity (IndustrialCraft).png
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid RE Battery (Charged) (IndustrialCraft).png

Here is an animated example:

{{Grid/General GUI
|Mod= IndustrialCraft
|Input= Gold (Ore),Iron (Ore),Coal (Item) |IA= 7,13,22
|MOutput= Gold Dust,Iron Dust,Coal Dust   |OA= 6,8,18
|MFuelBar= electricity
|MChargeBar= maceratorcharge
Grid layout None (small).pngGrid Minério de Ouro.pngGrid Minério de Ferro.pngGrid Carvão.png

Grid layout maceratorcharge (IndustrialCraft).png
Grid layout None (large).pngGrid Gold Dust (IndustrialCraft).pngGrid Iron Dust (IndustrialCraft).pngGrid Coal Dust (IndustrialCraft).png
Grid layout electricity (IndustrialCraft).png
Grid layout None (small).png
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See also[editar código-fonte]

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