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This template defines the issue labels for Known bugs and its sub-pages.

Code Result Used for
{{bl}} [X] Minor bugs.
{{bl|!}} [!] Major bugs.
{{bl|!!}} [!!] Bugs that can crash Minecraft or a server.
{{bl|a}} [A] Annoyances.
{{bl|a!}} [A!] Major annoyances.
{{bl|?}} [?] Possible bugs/features that you and the community are unsure about.
{{bl|sp}} [SP] Issue applies to single-player only.
{{bl|mp}} [MP] Issue applies to multiplayer only.
{{bl|cr}} [Cr] Issue applies to creative mode only.
{{bl|su}} [Su] Issue applies to survival mode only.
{{bl|f}} [F] Bugs that have been/will be fixed in the next update.
{{bl|s}} [S] Bugs that will be skipped/ignored for now.
{{bl|u}} [U] Bugs that Jeb tested but was unable to reproduce.
{{bl|n}} [N] Reports that Jeb or Notch has marked as not bugs.