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Histórico de versões/Versões de desenvolvimento/Minecraft 1.0 Release Candidates

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Este não é um histórico de versão oficial ou registro de mudanças. Para a lista oficial, visite o Site do Minecraft.
Para versões 1.11 e antes, verifique o Site da Mojang.
Para versões anteriores a Beta 1.8, verifique o blog de Notch, the Word of Notch.

Para obter instruções sobre como instalar uma snapshot, leia este tutorial. A (?) denotes version's info here is guess-work, possibly incorrect.

Nota: Esta não é uma página para relatar bugs, que devem ser postados no rastreador oficial de bug. Para mais informações, consulte a página Problemas.

Versão Data de Adição Resumo das Adições Download
Minecraft 1.0.0RC2 November 13, 2011

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused all tools to break quickly after loading an old map in Minecraft 1.0.0RC1

Client Server

Minecraft 1.0.0RC1 November 13, 2011
  • New sound effects/usage of previously unused sound effects
    • Players and all mobs make the same sound when taking fall damage
    • Arrow sounds
      • Firing sound changed
      • Landing sound
    • Chest opening and closing
    • Door, wooden and iron, and fence gate opening and closing
    • Experience Orbs make a twinkling sound when collected.
    • Mob sounds
      • Blaze sounds (Ambient Breathing Noise)
      • Enderman (strange whistles and grunts)
        • Enderman teleportation sound (Shortened version of the Nether portal sound)
      • Magma Cube sounds
      • Silverfish sounds
    • Thrown item (snowball, chicken egg, fishing rod and Eye of Ender) sounds
    • Player sounds
      • Damage to player sound changed to genderless stabbing sound
      • Eating and drinking sounds
    • Explosions now have several new, slightly differing sounds instead of just one.
    • Tool and armor Breaking Sound and Animation
  • Added "Quit Game" button to the main menu.
  • Changed redstone wire placement on one block from a "+" to a "•" shape.
  • Bows now have a durability bar, with 385 uses.
  • Bows can be fired without having arrows in Creative mode.
  • Thrown eggs now hatch baby chickens.
  • Added 28 new splashes and changed 7 of them.

Notable bugs:

  • All Tools break after 8 uses; the primary cause of the quick release of 1.0RC2