Edição Pocket Alpha 0.12.1

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Alpha 0.12.1

Edição Pocket

Data de

iOS - 8 de setembro de 2015
Android - 9 de setembro de 2015
Fire OS - 4 de setembro de 2015
Windows Phone - 8 de setembro de 2015
Windows 10 - 8 de setembro de 2015

Versão do protocolo


Alpha 0.12.1 é uma atualização para Edição Pocket que adicionou muitas coisas novas, tais como o Nether, brewing, enchanting, hunger, weather,e muito mais. O lançamento foi inicialmente destinado a coincidir com o lançamento do Windows 10 version em 29 de julho, 2015, mas os obstáculos encontrados no seu desenvolvimento, forçando-o a ser adiada.[1]



  • Jogo multiplataforma para até cinco jogadores entre Pocket Edition e Windows 10
  • Suporte do controlador e teclado
    • Pode alterar os controles dentro de opções.
  • opções
    • Opção para reverter a localização da espreitadela e botão Ir.
    • O botão de salto foi movido para o lado direito da tela.
      • Adicionado um botão esgueirando no lugar de onde o botão de salto é atual.
        • Estes são os novos controles padrão.
    • Opção para desativar o recurso de auto-jump.
    • Adicionado modo de câmera deslizante de opções (em primeira pessoa, terceira pessoa, terceira pessoa frontal).
    • Opção FOV controle deslizante.[2]
  • Novos botões Interact
    • Feed
      • Usado quando reprodutores mobs
      • Usado quando reprodutores mobs
  • Splashes
    • "Olhos brilhantes assustador! "
  • Particles
    • angryVillager
    • largeexplode
    • hugeexplode
    • blockdust
    • slime
    • enchantementtable
    • droplet
    • snowshovel
    • Adicionado partículas em queda.




Adições de inventário no Creative

Geração mundo




  • Changed game logo
  • Graphics
    • Tinted water - gradient from aqua to dark blue when viewed from a distance.
    • New explosion particles.
    • Particles are no longer dark when inside of a block.
    • Cactus particles are now correct.
    • Version exclusive: Leaves in snowy taigas now appear frost-covered.
    • Only uses the leaves coloring shaders when the color for a biome actually changes.
    • Only samples the lightmap texture for non-transparent pixels.
  • Scrollbar
    • Always visible
    • New texture
  • The player can now swim in lava.
  • Updated sounds
    • Changed the volume of some sounds.
    • New sound for dying skeletons and wither skeletons.
    • Digging and walking sounds are now the same as PC.
    • Damage sounds changed to that of the PC version.
    • Fishing rod now makes a less repetitive sound.
    • Ladders now make sounds when climbing.
    • Water and lava now make sounds when flowing.
  • Name tags are visible from farther away now.
  • New random seed algorithm.
  • Better ordering on chunk scheduling.
  • Options
    • Third person view switch replaced with a slider bar, with 3 options:
      • Option 1 - first person view
      • Option 2 - third person view
      • Option 3 - frontal face view
    • Renamed D-Pad size slider to "Button size".
  • Custom server IPs must be unique.
  • Relocated pause and chat button. (survival only)
  • Trying to connect to old versions of the game will now show an error message.


  • Controls
    • Flight controls are now slightly smaller.
  • Chat
    • The player can now use the chat while in a bed.
  • Slight jump delay when jumping in a small space.
  • Blocks can now be placed underneath player while sneaking.

World generation



Nether reactor
  • Uncraftable
  • Removed from the crafting menu and the creative inventory.
  • Still provides drops when broken (3 diamonds and 6 iron ingots).
  • Only obtainable via inventory editing.
  • It no longer functions.
  • Centered the result name in the furnace.
Snow layer
  • Version exclusive: Builds up multiple layers naturally through snowfall.
  • Version exclusive: Are now affected by gravity.
  • Breaking crops will now always drop seeds.
  • Version exclusive: Now appears brighter.
  • Now prevents fall damage.
  • When in the Nether, now flows like on PC.
  • Can now be used to make water bottles.
  • Improved water climbing against a wall.
  • Can now be stacked up to 64.
  • Crafting now produces 3 doors rather than 1.
Packed ice
  • New texture: Packed Ice JE2 BE3.png
Quartz pillars
  • Can now be placed horizontally.
Dead bush
  • Now has a chance to drop sticks when broken.
End portal frame
  • Now rotate based on the direction they were placed.
  • Can now be placed on bottom and top side of a block.


  • New inventory icons.
    • Now include paddles.
    • Different boat types' items now are their respective color.
  • Now inflicts the following status effects:
All rotten foods
  • Now inflict the player with Hunger due to the addition of hunger, rather than Poison in 0.11.0.
  • Beetroot crops can be obtained from village farms.
  • Beetroot seeds can no longer be obtained by tilling grass blocks.
  • Seeds can no longer be obtained by tilling grass blocks.
  • Now use the updated crafting recipe including leather.
Spawn egg
  • Mobs spawned from renamed eggs have the name of the egg and the names will appear in death messages.
  • Zombie spawn eggs now have a chance to spawn zombie villagers.
  • Can no longer break blocks in Creative mode.


All mobs
  • Burning mobs have a sizzling particle effect once extinguished.
  • Mobs now drop experience when killed.
  • Improved pathfinding of mobs inside fences.
  • Burning mobs will now seek water and shade.
  • Now wears different armor and can hold items.
  • Now drops weapons and armor rarely.
  • Can now break down doors.
  • Drops its head if killed by a charged creeper.
  • Now able to detect the player up to 40 blocks.
  • Now wears different armor and can hold items.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Now drops weapons and armor rarely.
  • Can turn into a wither skeleton if spawned in the Nether.
  • Drops its head if killed by a charged creeper.
  • Death sound changed to that of PC.
  • Now turn into charged creepers when struck by lightning.
  • Run away from ocelots (wild and tamed variants).
  • Now have particles when jumping.
  • Now drop slimeballs.
Magma cube
  • Now spawn in the Nether.
  • Magma cubes now split when killed.
  • Now have particles when jumping.
Zombie pigman
  • Now neutral rather than hostile.
  • Now spawns in the Nether.
  • Now wears armor and can hold items.
  • Now drops swords and armor rarely.
  • Now drops gold nuggets.
  • Have a chance to spawn with enchanted swords.
  • Can now open and close doors.
  • Can now harvest crops.
  • Can now breed.
  • Now has angry particles if attacked by the player.
  • Now always become zombie villagers in Hard difficulty.
  • Now have a walking sound.
  • Now drops spider eyes.
Cave Spider
  • Now has a walking sound.
  • Now drops spider eyes.
  • Now spawns in the Nether.
  • Now drops ghast tears.
  • Now makes sounds and noises.
  • Increased size of hitbox.
  • Now turns into zombie pigman when struck by lightning.
  • Tamed wolves now attack target when it was hit with a bow.
  • No longer makes sounds while moving.


72 bugs fixed

  • Implementação Touchpad fixos no Tocar Sony Xperia

Das versões lançadas antes da 0.12.1

  • MCPE-3671 – You can't get out of lava[3]
  • MCPE-4202 - Sounds on Android devices are incorrect
  • MCPE-5200 - Bug while mining/breaking blocks (Touch and Split Controls)
  • MCPE-5541 - Can't place pillar quartz blocks sideways
  • MCPE-6263 - Bows don't have particles in full charge.
  • MCPE-6806 - Automatic Flying Bug
  • MCPE-6854 - Auto jump doesn't work with carpet
  • MCPE-6882 - Finger free mining bug.
  • MCPE-6886 - Wrong Crops Sound
  • MCPE-6998 - When tapping the leftmost box in hotbar while walking forward, you walk backwards-left a bit.
  • MCPE-7745 - Acacia and dark oak trees act like ladders
  • MCPE-7873 - Baby pigs can pass through slabs
  • MCPE-7880 - Hotbar size decreases when on split controls
  • MCPE-7878 - Cobblestone generators don't work for other players in Local Server Multiplayer
  • MCPE-7899 - painting de_aztec (or Aztec) does not exist in the game
  • MCPE-7901 - jungle leaves x-ray bug
  • MCPE-7914 - Putting out fire in creative mode
  • MCPE-7917 - Jumping mobs
  • MCPE-7921 - Inventory Armor Section Bug!
  • MCPE-7925 - Red Sand Suffocation
  • MCPE-7951 - 2x2 Jungle trees leaves disapear when you grow them artificially (bonemeal)
  • MCPE-7975 - Burning fuel icon not decreasing when the world is closed and reopened
  • MCPE-7977 - Upper slabs cause top leaf texture to disappear
  • MCPE-7996 - Monster spawners only spawn mobs with data value 0
  • MCPE-8000 - Mesas generate on top of water bodies in Bryce mesa biomes
  • MCPE-8006 - Skeletons arrows bounce off
  • MCPE-8098 - Water and Lava disappear when switching view distances
  • MCPE-8146 - Redstone Ore doesn't give off particles.
  • MCPE-8149 - Heavy shading on water blocks at the world border
  • MCPE-8154 - Mining consecutive redstone ore blocks does not light each block as they are being mined
  • MCPE-8166 - Lava can tick through walls
  • MCPE-8372 - Fishing rod and flying glitch
  • MCPE-8376 - Wrong Magma Cream Name
  • MCPE-8377 - Magma Cubes Do Not Split
  • MCPE-8392 - Lighting glitch when standing under a door
  • MCPE-8412 - Block selection overlay is only visible on one side of a texture
  • MCPE-8422 - Villager professions not showing correctly on client
  • MCPE-8466 - Mob pathfinding considers the void to be a solid platform
  • MCPE-8517 - Dogs (tamed wolves) cannot be healed to full health
  • MCPE-8522 - Falling beyond bedrock into void
  • MCPE-8572 - Baby animals can grow up in fences-type blocks and escape their pen
  • MCPE-8575 - Skeletons Aim is off
  • MCPE-8604 - Zombies think that slabs are full blocks
  • MCPE-8605 - Eating raw chicken gives you hunger?
  • MCPE-8606 - Water can turn lava into obsidian from underneath.
  • MCPE-8615 - View Bobbing Automatically defaults to on after restarting the app
  • MCPE-8628 - Egg shows snowball particles when thrown
  • MCPE-8630 - Fishing bobber (bait or lure) burns forever
  • MCPE-8641 - LAN Mid-Air glitch
  • MCPE-8654 - Wrong text when selecting which model to use with your custom skin
  • MCPE-8665 - Furnaces are facing wrong direction in village blacksmiths
  • MCPE-8670 - World crashes on load
  • MCPE-8676 - Mobs get stuck atop the border wall
  • MCPE-8702 - Baby zombie pigmen
  • MCPE-8707 - Double-tall flowers do not drop items when mined
  • MCPE-8826 - Chunks near to and of mushroom island biomes do not generate
  • MCPE-8853 - Carpet duplication when trying to place it where it cannot be placed
  • MCPE-8855 - Minecarts Wrong View when riding it down
  • MCPE-8881 - Baby chickens die in boats
  • MCPE-8961 - Cobwebs can't be broken by water
  • MCPE-8974 - After mobs get out of fire, they do not continue to burn
  • MCPE-9062 - Nether Reactor gives wrong message
  • MCPE-9073 - Vegetation generates through structures
  • MCPE-9150 - Unable to scroll a newly selected language off of the language menu screen
  • MCPE-9251 - Infinite Boat Rowing Bug
  • MCPE-9254 - Bow glitch
  • MCPE-9630 - No 32 bit support
  • MCPE-9930 - Lava-Don't stop fall damage

A partir das versões de desenvolvimento 0.11.0